6 interior color schemes Spanish Style

The Spanish-style interior color scheme similar in appearance to the nearby Mediterranean. The combination of colors that gives the appearance of bold and colorful. The color radiates energy to bring a feeling of comfort in the environment.

Spanish Style Basics

Emphasizes the Spanish interior design styles of different palettes blue, brown, white and green. Another primary colors of the Spanish-style color scheme of red, orange and terracotta. Is a common design in ceramics, decorative pieces of iron and carved wooden panels Spanish tile and stone. Copper is the common metal accents in Spanish style.

The Spanish-style wall

To get a true view of the walls of the Spanish style, starting with the basic texture. A painting with textures such as suede effects, stucco style, color wash or even a job. To make good color washing, using a base layer of light and heavy tone at the top layer. Apply a wash coat of irregular lines. Adding white to another color revitalize all colors. Follow with a warm, earthy tone. Orange, red, brown and yellow are the traditional colors of Spain.

Floor and Furniture

For Spanish-style design accurate, choose hardwood floors instead of carpet. Dark brown wood is paired well with the bright colors of the walls. Other famous Spanish style terracotta floor tiles and ceramic tiles. Choose carpet ethnic or simple style with bright colors. Creates a warm atmosphere. Good quality tools and simple design makes it look simple. Dark Forest is a popular choice in completing tired and anxious.

Spanish mapalamuting Accessories

Black iron furniture distinguished Spanish-style house. Black furniture coordinating with bolder colors of the room. Choose between different components such as glow stick candle lamp, or wall. Adding wrought iron wall art will give your room a bright color and touch of the Mediterranean. Spanish design does not support the Curtain, Blind, but otherwise, brightly colored shutters or wooded. Limit your accessories to buy to avoid trouble. To achieve the perfect look, the room should be simple.

Spanish Interior Design Issues

Mission style decor is the most popular and mixed Native American style that accompanied the Spanish style. Popular Spanish colonial style colors pink and purple mixed with white, yellow, beige and red. Mission-style furniture is simple, with a simple look.

Spanish Revival style

More mapalamuting Renaissance style. Style has a pattern on the surface of the Spanish original. Furniture from oak or pine wood Finishing paint and sculpture. This is the time leading up to the production of tiles caused important Spanish Catalina tile design. Tile is a unique texture that combines matte and shimmer patterns of bright colors.

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